Price Value

Price versus Value

I’m often intrigued by the number of people in line at Starbucks. Clearly, they don’t just want the cheapest cup of coffee they can find. They want a premium cup of java and are willing to pay  for it. This represents a good value to them. People also don’t buy the cheapest car they can find. They want good quality, comfortable transportation with features they are willing to pay for. Once again, the buying decision is made based on value, not price. So why do some consumers shop for travel based solely on price?

It’s partly because online retailers and advertisers have done an excellent job of convincing consumers that they can take a “cheap” vacation. Or that consumers can expect to pay “2 star prices for a 5 star hotel”. I’d like to assure you that with travel, as with anything else, you get what you pay for.

Travelers sometimes come prepared with a wishlist of what they’d like to experience (ex: a swim up room at an adults-only luxury property with excellent food and a beautiful white sand beach) and a budget well below what they would need for that experience. There is a huge disconnect between what they want and what they’re willing to pay for it.

Yes, travel consultants often find ways to reduce the cost a bit (shifting travel dates, shopping for the best airfare, etc.). But no, unfortunately, travelers cannot get a 5 star experience for a 2 star price.

For those who stick to their stated budget, they must make compromises. They end up with a 3 star, family-friendly resort, with OK food, and a so-so beach. And they are ultimately disappointed with their experience. They spent their hard-earned money and valuable time off on a bad vacation. That’s not a good value or a smart buying decision.

How to Get the Best Value for Your Travel Dollars

The clienRelaxing on the lazy riverts who are most satisfied with their experience are the ones who communicate their wish list, have a somewhat flexible budget, and allow their travel advisor to match their desires to a few options that are a good fit for them. They get a good value for their travel dollars, and they get to experience those “pinch me!” moments that are exactly what they were seeking.

So the next time, you are ready to book your vacation or romantic getaway, decide ahead of time what it is that you are seeking and what you may be willing to compromise on, but don’t settle for a cheap vacation. If you do, you’ll probably get exactly what you paid for.

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