When traveling abroad, it’s always a good idea to secure your belongings in your hotel safe rather than leaving them out in your hotel room or hidden in your luggage. But just how secure is that hotel safe?

The answer, unfortunately, is “not very secure”. We’ve all seen safes that are not bolted in properly and heard about default codes and reset codes. The latest video shows us yet another way that hotel safes can be breached by picking a lock with simple tools.

The best ways to keep your belongings secure are:

  1. Leave your valuables at home. Expensive jewelry is a temptation to many thieves.
  2. Keep a copy of your passport with you and leave one at home (or with your travel agent).
  3. Taking a photo of your passport with your smart phone can also provide you with a digital record of your passport number and issuance information which may expedite replacement.
  4. Keep your valuables, such as wedding rings or cash, with you if possible (rather than leaving them in your hotel room).
  5. Ask the main desk if they have a safe behind the desk for guests’ belongings. These larger safes are often more secure than the ones in the rooms.
  6. Take an inventory when you get back to your room, and report any theft to hotel management and the local police.

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How Secure is Your Hotel Safe?